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off Bekkers Metaalspuitwerken

Rob Didden


There has to be one who coordinates the case and keeps the overview and that's him. Personnel, government, environment, energy and vision are the things he is passionate about.

Rob de Laat

company director

Our manager who forms the pivot between customer and company. You can contact him with all your questions in the field of repair, renovation and innovation. Knows the company in every nook and cranny.


administrative assistant

Usually you will hear Ella first when you call. The voice of Bekkers, but also responsible for invoicing and payments. The keyboard is her tool.


administrative assistant

Chances are you'll get Jolanda on the phone if Ella isn't there. Jolanda scans, books in and supports us with our administrative tasks. So a kind of handyman.


workplace chef

Our workshop chef Perry carries with him almost 40 years of history and that is why he has an answer for (almost) all questions because it has already happened once.


lathe worker

As long as it looks like machining, this experienced machine operator is happy. Grinding, turning, milling, drilling, grooving. He can do it all. If it has to be done in CNC, that is no problem either.


thermal sprayer

Always looking for solutions so that we as a company can offer things where others have to let them know. Wire or powder, electric or autogenous, Jan applies it.



Krijn is a grinder in heart and soul. No detail escapes him and the demands cannot be high enough. Grinding has been elevated to an art form by him.


lathe operator

Our general machine operator and spare wire and powder sprayer. No job is so heavy that Marek can handle it. Drilling, milling and turning are the competences of this valued colleague.


machine fitter

One of our youngest employees who is particularly skilled in CNC programming and machining. Is skilled in optimizing machining tools and likes a chip.


thermal sprayer

Orveo has built up a solid track record in plasma and HVOF spraying. Years of experience pay off in predictable and reproducible coating layers.



When you think of spinning, you think of Peter. The moments that Peter sleeps, he dreams of spinning. For him it is a way of life to know everything about turning and to be the best craftsman.


thermal sprayer

He has only been working in plasma and hvof spraying for a year and he is already applying coating layers independently with our equipment. A promising asset to our company.



When you think of Bekkers, you almost automatically think of Ronald because he is a kind of fixed value. Turning is his passion and life and it can't be big or heavy enough. If only it could be round.

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